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teen decorating tips

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teen decorating tips Empty teen decorating tips

Post  MarcyOne Fri Sep 11, 2009 5:26 am

Creating your own space that says something about who you are is not an easy task, especially
when you live in someone else’s house and under their rules, but there are ways that teens can
decorate their rooms without destroying them. Use some or all of the following quick and easy
teen decorating tips to create a bedroom that reflects your personality and is super cool.

Change the Lighting

Add a unique glow to your room by buying a colored lampshade for your existing lamps or use stained glass
paint, available at any craft store, to paint a clear globe for overhead light fixtures. You can even rework
an entire lamp by painting and embellishing it yourself.

Accent Wall

Rather than painting the entire room, consider giving your room an accent wall that will brighten it up
and change the mood without all the work of painting the whole thing. This may be more acceptable
to your parents, especially if you promise to paint it

Storage is Key

Teens are great at collecting and amassing things and due to their busy schedules they’re notoriously
bad at picking up after themselves. Find storage containers for under the bed, use multipurpose
bench/storage pieces for seating, look for tall storage options to take advantage of unused space.

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